Laboratório de Educação is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to serve as a platform for the production of applicable knowledge, bridging research and practice to strengthen educational processes, both inside and outside of school.

We believe that student learning should be at the forefront of policy-making and of efforts to improve public education. For this reason, our goal is to contribute to creating the necessary conditions so that every child, every youth, every person can learn throughout their life.


Thematic Areas

Language and learning are the two main axes that intersect at each of our projects, whether through the production of instructional materials or through applied research. Within our thematic areas, learning inside and outside the school, we structure our actions according to the different stages of children’s language development process: from zero to five years of age, from six to eight and nine to ten.


Learning Inside of School

Focus: Language Develoment

Focus: Education Policy Analysis

Focus: Research on Instructional Practice and Materials

Learning Outside of School

Focus: Learning in Everyday Life